Mergers and Acquisition

The Director and key Associates have many years of experience at a senior level in food manufacture and retailing. They have been directly involved in numerous acquisitions and disposals, including responsibility for decisions on new factory business ventures, setting up and other major investments.

We have been involved in numerous acquisitions and disposals, being responsible for decision making, regarding new factory set ups and other major investments and we know the requirements of the customer base, throughout Europe, and are ideally positioned to judge the current and potential future status of any food company in these markets.

The ability to quickly assess the health of a company and its capital requirements over the next, one to three, years is, we believe, an essential prerequisite for any financial institution prior to investment in the industry.

In addition, we have a range of partners who specialise in the various aspectsof environmental, health and safety due diligence with many years experience in assessing the short and long term impact of manufacturing processes on the local environment. Failure to take this factor into account can lead to major costs post acquisition.

Clients have included:
Saatchinvest, Enterprise Ventures, Barclays Bank and the Hartington Group.