Crisis Management and

As a company we are recognized within the industry as experts with access to the key influencers within the food sector, trade associations, customers and government agencies alike. Meadowbrae Technical Service (MTS) is particularly knowledgeable and experienced in the field of crisis management operations.

In this area, the company can provide ‘effective’ crisis management manuals, to assist the client to be prepared, should a crisis occur.

On an almost monthly basis major crisises hit the food industry as a whole whether they involve horse meat, Sudan 1, or Dioxin  During these times companies whether they are directly involved or not come under major pressure from their customers and the press to be able to show they are acting responsibly. MTS can assist  clients who were without the expertise to handle these highly stressed and costly occurrences.

   Our services were used extensively during the Horse Meat adulteration crisis both to mitigate their involvement and in one case demonstrate their innocence. Equally we have been asked to review and recommend changes to a number of company crisis management procedures following these incidents

We continue to provide this discreet service to companies often averting the crisis or at worst managing to the maximum advantage of the client.

In conjunction with the DWF, the highly respected North West based law firm, the company is experienced in providing crisis management training and documentation origination, with both UK and European based companies.

The company can and does, particularly through its network of associates, supply general technical consultancy and training, often involving difficult retailer relationship issues and major hygiene problems. As well as Sobeys, Meadowbrae were pleased to assist The Fozzy Group, Ukraine’s number one retailer, develop its private label strategy.