Technical Management and Operational Review

Growing companies must adapt quickly and effectively to meet new challenges, either internal or market-related. Meadowbrae has the expertise and resources to assess management teams, factory efficiencies and technical capabilities and make practical recommendations on actions to be taken to improve the company’s potential.

Chief executives with the burden of past loyalty are not always in the best position to assess the needs of their company in order to meet these challenges.

Meadowbrae has the resources to quickly assess current management teams, factory efficiencies and technical strengths and weakness and make recommendations on what, if any, changes are required.

Working closely with the financial experts Maeadowbrae can provide a company health check service targeted specifically at the food industry.

 Over the past two years Vince has worked extensively with GFSI to benchmark food safety standards across the world. He is particularly to pleased to act as the technical expert on the GFSI bench marking Standard  working groups for Retailers and Wholesalers and Food Service and Catering

Meadowbrae continues to assist in recruitment. Working with a number of specialist firms we focus on first line interviewing, coaching candidates for the key client meetings and career counselling